28 November 2011

new Car

I just bought a 2012 Hyundai Veloster!! My first brand new car.

24 July 2011



Went to Washington for a day. Flu in Friday night. Jordan had left the James' car at the airport for me. Drove to Colville that night. Hung out this the family Saturday. Saturday night Gavin and I went to Newman Lake for Devirie's Wedding.

02 June 2011

Mom's visit

Butterfly Pavilion

Root root root for the home team....

Colorado Rockies

Eating a hot dog at the old ball game.

06 November 2010

Gavin birthday Invites

Gavin Is Having a Toy Story theme Birthday Party this Year. So i had a little photo shot of him Dressed up as woody for the picture i send out with his invitations.
Which one do you like better?


25 September 2010

Visit to Laura's in the Tri - Cities

Our mini photo shoot at Devirie's

23 July 2010


17 July 2010

The 4th of July

Happy 4Th!!

We had a eventful day on the 4Th this year. We went to the the lake and took the boat out. The weather was nice in the morning and the weather guy said a chance scattered showers. All the guys went out on the boat and then it started to hail, marble sized... All the women were on the beach they left the boat canopy so we set it up and all got under it. After it stopped the guys were back and we went on the boat for a while until it started up again 10 times harder and even more rain came with the hail this time we sheltered the kids and much as we could. Now we there all cold and wet. After all the hail let up we all headed out. on the way home the rain started back up and didn't stop till morning all the firework shows were canceled.but all in all we all had allot of fun still.

21 June 2010


Summer Fun!
Today we went to my friend Bonnie's pool and went swimming. Gavin and I had a lot of fun.

11 June 2010

I got a maid

Gavin the cleaning machine.
I was cleaning the other day and Gavin insisted on helping me clean, so he vacuumed the stairs and mopped the kitchen.

13 May 2010

Uncle Daryl's visit

Uncle Daryl was in town for a conference for his work. So we meet for lunch today.

06 April 2010

Visiting Laura and Kendra

17 March 2010

Swing Gavin

Gavin At the park
We went to the park on Tuesday. Gavin had alot of fun climbing on the jungle gym, sliding down the slide(the little one he wouldn't go down the big curly one) and he loves the swing he didn't stop laughing the whole time. But that sand, he got his hands on it and just kept putting it on his hair.